Internet Marketing Success – A Huge Price To Pay “Part 1″

Posted by Vince,s Web Blog on August 4, 2009 in Internet Marketing |

Hi Members, Welcome to My Blog

Now before I go into one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and still paying for.  I want you to promise,  you will read this complete article so this does not happen to you.

So let’s get started…

My name is Vince Craine and I have been Internet Marketing for over 11 years.  My main source of income was my car audio site Audiodiscounters.com. Now in order to keep my site ahead of the curve I started back in 1997 buying all these small programs that said they would help me build traffic for my car audio site.

Every month I bought the latest EBooks or Software but all I managed to do was make every Contributor RICH.


When I saw this was not getting me ahead and just succeeding to put me more in debt, I decided to look for a company to help me out. I had already bought Cory Rudle’s Manuals from Internet Marketing Center which did help me. But I soon noticed I needed someone to coach me on the real  basics of Internet marketing.

So I Hired IMC to be Mentored as they were all over the Internet and I liked Cory’s persona.

They said… they could help me with my car audio site and set me up by guy who sold high end cars from overseas to the USA

Even though I did exactly what he wanted me to do my traffic never grew over the 800 a day which was what I was getting before we started. All I had to show for all this was $5,000.00 dollars in debt.

Would You Be Upset?

Yes, I was getting very discouraged because I was shelling out a lot of money and no real new results. So I went back to buying anything I thought would help keep my site afloat. I thought to myself this is a vicious cycle because I was
slowly climbing further and further in debt and Audiodiscounters was slowly dieing.

Then it happened…

One day I received a email from the Internet Marketing Center. They were coming to Boston.  I thought wow here is my big break, I will talk to them and get this all straighten out. I could not wait for the day to come and went into Boston to hear the speakers. They were great and promised a complete package worth 25K for like 10K.

This included setting you up with a website – traffic – optin to build your list to make money. They had all the bases covered to become successful – A Complete Business in A Box. I thought to myself man, would they give this to me for a better price. So after all the speakers were done I started to negotiate with IMC and we agreed on the exact Business PKG for just $4.9995.00.

Could this be the POT OF GOLD I was looking for?

I was very excited about the discount because I had secured their Prize Mentor who was the best copywriter they had to help me build my new car audio site for  Megaloud. This was a brand new product line that I was the National Manager for and the Potential was huge if I could get this going on the Internet.

So… the coaching calls started and the Mentor would give me assignments to do. IMC built all the graphics and I was to write a ruff draft of content for the first page and then my Mentor would critique it and make the changes that had to be made.

So one weekend I sat down and wrote the copy. This was easy for me as I new the Inventor of the product line and spent many hours learning all the features and benefits to sell his products. The only thing is I had NO! Copy writing Experience at all but I knew I hada coach who’s specialty was just that.

After I finished the copy I sent it to him, what he said SHOCKED Me. He told me the copy was GREAT and he would not change a thing except bold and italicize a few certain words. Now here was supposedly the best copywriter in the world, I felt that I was let down. I said to him are you sure it’s ok, He said Vince it’s great. You did a awesome job.

That is not what I wanted to hear.  I was hoping he would tear it apart and tell me it was horrible then teach me what I did wrong and re-write it. But he didn’t (If you want to see the sales Copy go to http://caraudioamps.com) still their

So… the content (Sales Copy) was all set, are you kidding, my ruff draft.

Now it was onto building the site. We worked together for week’s to get this done. He told me what to do and I had my webmaster do it for me – more money. But what I saw was that my Mentor was always going on the road for IMC to promote this business package that I had bought and because of this, weeks would fly by when I was at a stand still, so I just kept plugging away with with Audiodiscounters, my money site.

Then it all  CRASHING Down!

My Mentor said Vince we are not going to be able to finish this because we are running out of time..I can give you a special rate for 8 more hours at 3K I said… Are you kidding me. We ran out of time because you are always out promoting. I could not believe what he was suggesting. I thought about it and said NO WAY! that’s it – I am stopping the bleeding and I finished the site myself with help from my webmaster.

Now it was not the greatest looking site and I only made a few sales to datebut worst of all I had fallen again for this company and was now 10K in debt which I am still trying to pay off 3 years down the road.. We never did half the things the business plan promised because we ran out of time. Looking back at this, was that their incentive.

Two very valuable lessons to learn.

Lesson 1,  If you want to be a Internet Marketer make sure you know the basics. How to set up a website ,domain, optin and ftp. Learn how to build a simple sale funnel and some easy seo for search engines. Be=careful if you out source this. Most webmasters or companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and it will cost you thousands. To solve this you need to build your personal Rat Pack of Marketers who can help you. Best way to do this is to go to the seminars and meet them. More on this in up and coming post.

Lesson 2, Never just jump into a Mentor program or a company that promises you the world. This is the fastest way to get yourself in debt and you will be paying for it for the rest of your life. In My next post I will show you the right way to start your online business so you don’t have to go  though the trials and error and make the mistakes I did.

If something similar like this has happened to you and you can relate to this.

Please post a comment on my Blog. I would love to hear from you. :)

Best Regards

Vince Craine
VMC Marketing

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  • Simon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I know exactly what you meant and went through.

    I was lucky to meet Paul who told me about your twitter software, and front he start you’ve been great.

    I know no why.

    Thanks for helping me launch webtyrant.com
    for being straight

    my friend tom has a phrase – the expensive lessons are best ones

    I think we’ve both learned a lot.
    It shows

    Vince you are one of the good ones

  • Hey Simon,

    Thanks for the post.

    Unfortunately I am sure my post will relate to a lot people. How else did all the top marketers
    become millionaires – at our expense. Well the expensive lesson learned just make you want
    it that much more. Come on back – so I can teach you some great strategies and tips to help
    you too – get ahead and be successful.

  • [...] newbies out there about what not to do and how to save yourself thousands of dollars. Check it out here Share and [...]

  • Kathy says:

    I have similar experience with Jordan Hall.I paid him $1500 and received nothing.He told me to pick 20 ideas and out of that one,which I did.Then,I wrote free report myself and (paid somebody) for squeeze page to collect emails.After that he didn’t return any of my emails for a month.After a month he said to me that I should advertise and get signups so he can in the end offer MY list HIS product and I can get %. The JV idea was to learn how to start business and build one.
    I have that in writting,this is part of it:

    “The partnership entails Jordan walking you through the steps of creating/finding your own product and then the creation of the site to sell your product. The product and the site are 100% owned by you, the income generated and the list created are 100% yours. All Jordan wants is at the end of your sales process you have a link to his sales process stating that they can “get 30% off of Jordan’s product through here!”

    He didn’t teach me anything,we did talk twice on the skype.Once to tell him about idea I should go for and the second time about where to order squeeze page(it cost me $200).So far $1700 far nothing.I have sent 10-20 emails after that to see what is going on and received zero reply. I don’t think that he is not good person like that guy from IMC but he is not organized or interested to help anybody.He just want money for nothing in return.

    My experience with Justin Brooke ‘website flipper’ was great,his support is fast and good,he know his stuff and he is ready to help people.I love him :)
    Thank you for your story Vince, we are smarter know :)

  • Kathy, Their are people that prey off of newbies. It’s a shame this has to happen to people like yourself. Did you call your credit card company. They should have been able to reverse the charges it it was not too late like my own.

    I wish you the best in your marketing endeavors – Vince

  • Kay says:

    Your story sounds like a lot of people I’ve talked too. I have tried so many companys xango, mia bella, local ad, so many more. Any way spent lots for nothing! Thanks for writing the blog.

  • Kay, I know how you feel. so many people have been hurt by so many companies that do not live up to their expectations. I am going to change this. i will come out with my own coaching after I am finished with my Mentoring with Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren.

    I will teach my students what has cost me thousands to learn this year alone. I will make sure you get your monies worth. I will show how to set up a sales funnel that makes money.

    But first I have to finish my schooling, another few months and I will be ready. Keep reading my blog and I will show by video some of my best strategies and secrets to make money in the IM niche, as this is recession proof.

  • I found you on twitter Vincent.
    Your article about your IM journey is common in the sense that you saw the leveaging power of the internet as myself and many have and you kept going which many of us have also.

    I won’t go into my whole story but I am a 53 year young guy that has been kicked out of the job market (thank God) and I am successfully reinventing myself also.
    I’m from “Old school ” network marketing in the 80′s and 90′s and was pretty good at it.
    I lost my group when we went online in 1999.
    I was confused for the next 5-6 years and almost gave up; but I couldn’t because I have a family to feed.

    In 2007 I found Mike Dillard and his training which I studied for 18 months with no business.
    This taught me to set up my word press blog and expand out to where I am now making weekly money and now knowing I can help others get to 1000′s of dollars monthly.

    The lesson I want to say to any reading this is find someone you can trust that will communicate daily if need be that provides ongoing proper training.

    Lastly it’s about” YOU INC “not some system or matrix or 1 up or 2 up or cash gifting or …..whatever.

    There is no entitlement here folks; even though here in North America our media and political leaders(?) seem to promote that.
    Stop looking at the shiny trinkets online and get to educating yourself.
    I can show you where with no hype and spam and such.

    It is easier than most think if you do the right things.

    Remember: The only free cheese is in the mousetrap!

  • Hello NIcholas, Your right, The only one that is going to look out for YOU is yourself, no-one else care about you, they care about themselves. They tell you they do just to get your money. But the bottom line is you have to take care of yourself and make the right decisions. But their are a lot of vultures out there just looking for prey like a brand new newbie.

  • james says:

    Just got your videos, Vince. Thanks. My blog, http://www.leverage4profits.com, needs a major redux, and from the few minutes that I have been able to peek at the vids, I do think it’s “just what the doctor ordered. I built this thing with free info, and it’s worth every penny I paid for it! (Is sarcasm welcome here???).

    The main thing I’ve noticed so far is that you seem to be a lot more sincere than most of the onliners I’ve ran into. You’re either down-to-earth cool, or the best darn copywriter I’ve seen. Maybe even both.

    I work fulltime, so it will take a while to go through the vids. Keep me in mind, bro!


  • Hello James, Thanks, I am just like you, a average guy who has built a huge following of friends though marketing relationships and giving back. The more you help other people in need the more you will benefit in the long run.

    I have been gone for w awhile, adswapping every day with a list now of 6K. What is adswapping, When you send another marketers promo to your list and he does the same for you. In the process you meet some of the top marketers in the world, Smaller guys will swap with you, but the larger marketers see this and doors open. I now belong to Two mastermind groups that will change my life forever.

    So I’m Back… and I will be showing you exactly what i do now though my videos so you will have the tools to be successful too.

    Thanks again for you comments, Vince

  • Jay Jenkins says:

    Hey Vince, I can sure relate to your story. I got “whammied” by IMC even before Cory’s death and am still paying off on it. The concept seemed so perfect I should have known there was a catch (can you say “Buy more of this, that and the other”?). I know mentor 2 people at a time at no cost, teaching them the things that they really need (website editing, article writing, choosing a domain name, etc.) and it has paid me back handsomely with the reviews they’ve given me (without my asking them to).

    I like your straight forward approach and your ethics. Way to go!

  • Robm Brooks says:

    Hi Vince,
    Thanks for sharing this important story. I did consider IMC at desperate times. But then I googled IMC+forums to read what people were saying.

    There were enough negative comments to forget them forever. I had heard they up sell everything leading to expensive coaching.

    I stick with the good guys who teach and it has served me well. Bottom line is great teaching can be found for very little. You can even buy products like the original Mass Control that was $2,000 for under $150 on e-bay now.
    Rob Brooks

  • Hello Rob, Yeah, a lot of great marketing
    material is on ebay. I have Andrew Foxed Millionaire
    Mega Yacht from several years ago, going on.

    Watch my blog for some great new videos that
    will help you for sure.



  • Cheryl Jones says:


    That is very generous of you to warn people to try to help them not go the same pathway and get scammed. You really think about helping others.

    I appreciate the time you have given to Gary’s coaching classes and have learned a lot from you. Thank you.

    Right now I am taking some coaching from Mark Terrell and he has asked me to post on some blogs to bring traffic and to also see and learn from other people’s blogs. I’d appreciate it if you would check out my blog and tell me what you think and maybe leave a post.

    Thank you.

    Cheryl Jones

  • Thank you Cheryl for the complements..
    Would you believe I just found my password.

    As for you, you are well on you way now to have a great future in marketing.

  • kris says:

    This post was really interesting. Thanks for your honesty.

  • HI Vince

    Great post. I think if you follow any great IM today he/she will be able to provide a similar story. Which is what keeps me going as my story is also similar with money spent and no results!! I know now I am on the right track because I am finding the right people to speak too…..like you!!!

    Thanks again Vince, I will be back


  • Cheryl Jones says:

    Hi Vince,

    You always tell a good and honest story of what you have been through. We have all spent money trying to learn that could have been better spent elsewhere. I know that you give a good, honest deal when you work with people because you’ve been burnt and don’t want to pass it on.



  • Grace says:

    Well, the company I dealt with went by a different name – but the same BS…Different “mentor” – not much actual teaching or help. $5,000 takes a long time to pay off when you’re on Social Security. Yep, folks, investigate before you invest!

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  • Renita Hoeft says:

    That was sort of inspiring! Completely unpredicted. Now I am aware what I am heading to do tomorrow

  • I found your blog website on google and test just a few of your early posts. Proceed to keep up the superb operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Seeking forward to studying more from you afterward!Ö

  • I suggest everyone should read Internet Marketing Success – A Huge Price “Part 1″ | Vince Craine’s – Marketing Journey

  • Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website thus i came to “return the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!0 w0 K1 R+ V! O” Y2 r4 y

  • May well I just say, what a relief to see someone who truly knows precisely what theyre preaching about on the internet. You most certainly know how to deliver a predicament to light plus make it crucial. A lot more folks have to take a look at this as well as comprehend this specific part of the case. I simply can’t believe that you’re not famous given that you clearly have got the talent.

  • Thanks for the complements, a lot of great videos coming Enjoy!

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  • here says:

    quite helpful stuff, all round I imagine this is worthy of a bookmark, cheers

  • Sue McDonald says:

    Hi Vince

    Basically I did exactly the same thing. I spent thousand for sites that were going have money rolling immediately into my bank.They gave you the basics and then you had to build it. I didn’t even realize that they were all PLR books on one and on the other you had to find affiliate products.

    I was so naive that they told me it would cost $39.95 a month for them to host the sites. I was happy to pay that thinking that soon I would have lots of sales and the sales would cover it. I never made a sale and after 18 months told them I was not paying them another cent.

    Yes these people see the newbie as someone to be taken to the cleaner. These people just take your money and pump out the same product over and over again and the only one making money is them.

    I guess that there are a few of us that have similar stories so Vince it was not only you who fell into the trap. Thanks for sharing.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

  • This is how the Guru’s got rich off of many of us. But all this is going to change. Forget about the past, now is future. Get excited because this is going to change your life.
    Really looking forward to getting to know you and help you build a successful business.

    please come back often,

    Thank hon for you comment,

    God Bless – Vince

  • Steve Gilligan says:

    Hello Vince

    I can only concur with yours and the other comments on here, it sounds like a rite of passage that newbie’s have to go through to get to the right place to start. I myself have been taken for several thousand dollars, but…were these Guru’s totally to blame or did I contribute by moving from 1 shiny object to another when things got difficult and answers didn’t come fast enough.

    I am pleased to see that Vince places the initial emphasis on mindset because without the correct mindset and correct reasons why we are doing it we will never have the success we all desire.

    I hope you get the numbers you require Vince and I would like to wish everyone everything you would wish for yourselves.

  • Thanks Steve,

    You are so right, Everyone chases the Guru’s Dream. I will post about this soon. but what it is , is the next shiny object. Guru’s love you because you buy everything.Your afraid if you don’t buy the next product you just might be missing out on the one shiny object that really works. That mindset will get you BROKE

    It’s a shame so many people fall into this mindset and all that happens is the Guru’s get rich off of you.

    This is all going to change, sure their are tools you will need later on but you will know why and how to use them.

    Thanks for posting again,


  • Hi Vince and everyone else for that matter, yes I have been trying with no success for the last 2 years and can relate to pritty well everything you have done. I am a lot smarter on this stuff because I spend alot of time studing and watching vedio’s every day,but I havent been able to get this off the ground and now money has become a problem. So I keep pluging away at this looking for the right system that will work for me and not break my bank. So yes I will be signing up for your course and see if I can learn something new.
    Have a great one.
    Steven Rutherford

  • Chatline says:

    Only wanna comment on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the articles is really fantastic : D.

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  • Thanks for the comments,

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  • Great post. As quickly as I noticed this web site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

  • Thanks my friend, Vince

  • Anthony: I will surly keep you in mind, making coaching videos now for next product.

  • Thank you for your comments. Will share what I know to help you succeed online.

  • Thank you so much for you kind comments. My passion is to teach and help as many people as i can on this earth. So many people are hurting, in serious debt and if i can help you out just a little it is worth it to me.

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